Former students of co-owner Teri Appleton share their experiences:

When my youngest son went off to pre-school, I decided to do something for myself. I enrolled in a Pro-chef I cooking series taught by Chef Teri and had one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much from Teri with her vast store of experience in restaurant kitchens around Los Angeles and knowledge of cuisine history, and her sense of humor put me at ease. I enjoyed cooking so much with her that I went on to take the Pro-chef II series she taught as well. With what I learned, I went on to run my own children’s cooking camp–Les Petits Gourmets–the following summer and cater my cousin’s wedding luncheon for a guest list of 70. I look forward to taking her pro-baking series as well!

Much love, Steph Ghiya

You have the full force of my website at your disposal. Do you need a film to help you? It’s free of charge and I will be in California March or April to film with Thomas Keller, again. Would love to come and help you in LA. Here’s my testimonial; Teri Appleton was a wonderful teacher. She inspired me to be a chef, introduced me to ideas beyond what was in the course and after I left continued to be a friend. She has a warm heart that touches everyone she meets. In short, she’s the best cookery teacher I have ever met.

Chandos Elletson CEO and Founder-The Chef’s Directory

Chef Teri is an awesome teacher and I can’t imagine learning baking from anyone else. I attended another school in LA for professional cooking and have to say that the teachers there always looked down their noses at the class and spent most of the class time sitting on a sofa up front chatting. There was very little interaction. In fact, the bulk of interaction was telling each student at the end of the class what was wrong with the dish they were assigned to prepare but nothing to tell them what to do differently next time. I always felt like I was an intrusion. I spent a lot of money for that class – by any standard – and couldn’t wait until was over! But Chef Teri’s class was fun, the group was fun, she was always close by to answer questions and to show that a ‘mistake’ was not the end of the world. I had never baked before – scared me to death. But now I bake all the time – no recipe is too daunting because there is no drama in my head about it and if it doesn’t turn out, oh well..then it becomes a different dessert or a lesson for next time. Thank you thank you thank you!

I am so excited for you! I would love to learn from you again. Do something on a Wed. night! LOL. In fact, I may bake a cake this weekend to celebrate your new adventure!

Best, September Forsyth

Teri is a fantastic teacher – knowledgeable, patient, and inspiring. I had no cooking experience, but she made even the most complicated recipes seem easy and stress free. Cooking went from being an intimidating mystery to something I look forward to and enjoy. And she’s a sweetheart!

Jeff Bynum

Teri is an outstanding teacher. Her classes were informative, entertaining, and made a dramatic impact on my ability to cook. Her classes began with an interactive lecture with interesting back-up research material, some of which has made a permanent impact on my shopping (e.g., the high flavor/value advantage of top sirloin over filet). She is extremely approachable yet very direct and disciplined. I learned basic knife skills, culinary history, basic and advanced techniques, and ingredient selection. Her warm personality, depth of knowledge, and love of teaching made the classes fun and a great value. I highly recommend Terry to anyone interested in food and cooking.

Alex Lach, Beverly Hills, CA

Teri is a wonderful culinary instructor. She is thoughtful, thorough, patient and just plain fun! The knowledge I gained from her class was very instrumental in making me the chef I am today.”

Rose LeBoeuf, Chef Instructor and Owner, LA Food Works

Nothing short of amazing. I took the tamale class with Teri. I’ve taken a class at Chef Eric’s and was unimpressed. That review will follow. Teri is the real deal, informative and funny. She gets down to it and even made us some iced coffee. Gotta love a girl who knows my addictions. She let us pick which dish we cook and we were up and running. Teri knows her ingredients and gave us a crash course in using the the real shit but still informed us of substitutions. Once our food was steaming she sat us down and talked about the whole back story on tamales. This is what I wanted from a class. Not only how do I make it, but also why do we use ingredients and how do these ingredients interact. Knowing the science and history of a dish is crucial! So a big wooden spoon up for my girl Teri. I signed up for her mole class immediately so that I wouldn’t miss anymore of this gals genius.

 Andrea H.