Pro Chef Series: American Regional

Professional Chef: American Regional, is a four-hour class, once a week, for 10 weeks, that covers cooking TECHniques and ingredients unique to each American region’s cuisine. Chef Tech believes that American Cuisine needs more respect, it needs to be appreciated and savored!  Professional Chef 1 or 2 is recommended but not required. If you are a reasonably experienced cook that can follow recipe instruction, please join us.   The chef will review regional ingredients, discuss their uses,  present a brief overview of the area’s culinary history, and students will prepare the dishes, working in teams of 2, with a limit of 12 students to a class. The chef will provide guidance as you work, teaching you TECHniques unique to the region selected for the week.  The class will present the dishes at the end of class and taste them along with the chef, to replicate each region’s cuisine as authentically as possible. Celebrate our unique American melting pot!

A series of 10 four-hour classes is $1000

Class 1: New England, New York
Class 2: Pennsylvania Dutch, Boston
Class 3: South Carolina Low Country Cooking
Class 4: South of Mason Dixon Line
Class 5: Louisiana Creole and Cajun
Class 6: Midwest
Class 7: Tex Mex
Class 8: Pacific Ocean States
Class 9: Hawaii
Class 10: Puerto Rico